Terms & Conditions

New SmokeLimited, headquartered in Triq Santa Dminka VCT 9030 Rabat (Gozo) Malta, makesit available to all users to purchase their products via  Internet  www.bigflavor.eu website. No physical and / orlegal person, entity, association or company other than the contractor isauthorized to reach verbal agreements with the contractors in relation to theContract, other than that contained on the contracting Party's forms (includingInternet masks Insertion) or by these General Terms and Conditions. Allagreements reached between the Contractor and the Client with the purpose ofexecuting this contract are to be extended in writing, either by fax or e-mail.

1)     General Notes
These General Sales Conditions apply only to the Internet Product Sale, aslisted on the Site section. The Customer is encouraged to view and / orpreserve the terms and conditions of these General Terms and Conditions. Allsales are definitive. We do not accept except as expressly stated in the paragraph"Right of withdrawal".

2)     Generalacceptance of the terms of sale
The Customer, with the electronic submission of the confirmation of hispurchase order, accepts unconditionally and agrees to observe the generalconditions and payment terms outlined below, stating that he has read andaccepted all the instructions given to him under the terms of Theabove-mentioned standards, also taking into account that it is not deemed to bebound by different conditions unless previously agreed in writing.


3)     SalesPrices and Buying Modes, Product Availability
All sales prices of the products displayed and displayed on the internet site,for which they are offered to the public, are net of VAT. VAT will beautomatically calculated and displayed at each purchase stage and added to thetotal tax when the order is accepted. You will be asked for a shipping fee forthe customer, clearly displayed before order completion, varying in weight,size and destination (on European or foreign territory) of the order. Thepurchase agreement is perfected by the exact compilation and expression of thepurchase consent expressed through the online adherence or by subscribing theorder form attached to the electronic catalog on the site. The customer can paythe ordered goods by means of the payment services indicated in the"payment method" section.


4)      Buyer Obligations
Theconsumer and / or customer commits and obliges, upon completion of the on-linepurchase procedure, to provide for the printing and retention of these generalconditions, which he has already viewed and accepted as Theobligatory step in the purchase as well as the specifications of the productbeing purchased. Thecustomer agrees to collect the ordered merchandise, a penalty of € 50.00 is setabove the shipping and storage costs in case the parcel is not due to bewithdrawn for a fair cause. Thebuyer is strictly prohibited from entering false, and / or imaginative data inthe registration process necessary to enable him to execute this contract andany further communications; Personaldata and e-mail must be solely their own personal data and not of third partiesor fantasy. Itis expressly forbidden to make multiple registrations corresponding to the sameperson or to enter third-party data. NewSmoke Ltd reserves the right to legally pursue any breaches, abuse, interest,and consumer protection. The Customer excludes New Smoke Ltd from any liabilityarising from the issue of incorrect tax documents due to data errors providedby Customer,since the Customer is solely responsible for the correct insertion.

5)      Payments
Wecurrently accept the following payment methods:

•Early Bank Transfer: They serve 2 to 4 business days to display the credit onour current account and then to ship the ordered products. Theprior shipment before the accreditation is in our sole discretion. Inthe case of the transfer, always indicate the order number. Coordinatesfor making the transfer will be communicated by email sent automatically by thesystem or within 2 hours as confirmation of the successful order. Bymaking the payment by bank transfer you have the possibility to send the goodsto a different address than that of the owner of the order.This mode of paymentincludes:

1)Bank transfer within three business days from the final confirmation of theorder. Overthat date the order will be considered null.

         1)Bank transfer within three business days from the final confirmation of theorder. Overthat date the order will be considered null;
2)The cause of the bank transfer must indicate: the number and date of the order,the name and surname or company name of the payer.

•Credit Cards or Paypal: It is safe and instant, zero cost for the customer, youcan use prepaid cards such as postepay and shipment expires on the day afteryour payment. PayPalis an online credit card payment service based on active e-mail identifier in55 countries and territories around the world. It'sa free service for the buyer there are no commissions on payments made, justuse the PayPal payment system and complete the order, then follow theinstructions on video, if one customer can enter and make payment in his panel control. PayPalwill never reveal the financial information of users to sellers. PayPalis a company that provides an international credit card payment system viae-mail. Almostall credit cards are accepted (also prepaid as PostPay). NewSmoke Ltd will never know the credit card numbers of the users, nor will theybe stored on the BIG FLAVOR MALTA site as the data resides directly andexclusively in the PayPal circuit, for more information go to http: // www. paypal.com. Other possible payment options willbe displayed at the time of purchase.

6)      Delivery of products, shipping and minimum order

The order evasion time is to be considered as indicative. Post office orcourier withdrawal times and office opening / closing times may affect theordering process. New Smoke Ltd will not be held liable for delays in evasionin the event of non-withdrawal by courier, closures, local holidays, strikesand / or other unforeseeable and not directly attributable to New Smoke Ltd.The mails or couriers used do not make telephone calls preventive. Indicativelythe goods will be delivered by Big Flavor Malta to the post office or courierwithin 24/72 hours. Orders will be processed only with fully availablemerchandise.

7)     Shippingand Warranty Products Products

Upon receipt of the package, you must check that it is intact and in perfectcondition. Otherwise, it is likely that the package has been opened duringshipping and that the contents have been stolen. If you accept a tampered orstolen package there is no possibility of making a claim, so New Smoke Ltd willnot respond to any theft or damage. Commercial sales transactions are governedby these sales conditions. The Supplier carries out the shipment to theCustomer with selected couriers and the goods travel freely at the expense andrisk of the Customer's full load transport. These charges and other chargespossibly related to the transport and / or shipment of the products are countedand detailed in the order confirmation and purchase invoice. Upon receipt ofthe goods at their place of domicile, the Customer shall check the integrity ofthe packages. In the event of discrepancies and / or discrepancies, Customercare will refuse the penalty pack to enforce its rights in this regard. Inorder to take advantage of the warranty on purchased items, you must send ane-mail indicating order number, date order, defect found at info@newsmoke.eu.Our service will either replace or replace the defective product and return itto your address. The warranty will not be applicable in the event ofnegligence, unaffected by the use and maintenance of the product. Anynon-conformity of the products must be reported within ten (10) days of receiptof the goods. The costs of returning the goods to the sender shall be borne bythe Customer. Products that have been tampered with and / or opened will not beaccepted and returned to the sender. The package must be packed safely andreliably, we are not responsible for any damage that the product would sufferdue to insufficiently secure and secure packaging.

8)     Rightof withdrawal

Thecustomer can exercise the right of withdrawal within a 14-day period (seeinformation on the right of withdrawal).

Theright of withdrawal is not possible in case of:

Deliveringoutdated or consumed products, and for whose realization a decisive choice orindividual disposition or products are clearly tailored to the personal needsof the consumer.
Deliveryof sealed goods which, for reasons of health or hygiene protection, is noteligible for return if the seal has been removed after delivery,


Right of withdrawal

Thecustomer has the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days, withoutgiving reasons. Thewithdrawal period is fourteen days from the date on which the customer or athird party appointed by him, who is not the carrier, has entered thepossession of the last commodity.

Inorder to exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must inform: (placefull address and telephone number), E-Mail: info@bigflavormalta.eu, by anunequivocal statement (eg letter sent by mail, fax or e-mail )Of his decision to withdraw from the contract. For the respect of thewithdrawal period, it is sufficient that the client sends notice of the exerciseof the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the withdrawal period.Consequences of withdrawal

Ifthe customer waives this contract, we are required to return all payments wehave received from him, including standard delivery costs (except for anyadditional charges that may be due to the fact that the customer has chosen adelivery method other than Themost convenient standard delivery we offer) immediately and in any case notlater than 14 days from the date on which the notice of withdrawal from thecontract has been received. Forthis refund we will use the same payment method used by the customer in theoriginal transaction, unless otherwise agreed; Thecustomer will not be charged any sums due to such refund. Wecan deny the refund until we receive the goods again or until the customerreturns the proof of the rescission, whichever condition first occurs.

Thecustomer must send back or deliver the goods immediately and in any case notlater than 14 days from the date he informed us of the withdrawal from thecontract. Theterm is deemed to be respected if the customer shipped the goods before theexpiration of the 14-day deadline. Theexpenses for the return of the goods are on our behalf.

Thecustomer must be held liable for any loss of value of the goods only if suchloss of value is due to an unnecessary use in order to control the quality,characteristics and operation of the product.

9)     Generalproduct information

Liquidfor electronic cigarettes are in compliance with the regulations in force andmade with ingredients and raw materials allowed by the European Community andthe European Food Safety Agency.

Itis reaffirmed that there are currently no long-term safety assessments for theuse of nicotine and / or flavour, so this type of product is taken in fulldiscretion and end user risk. However,the following precautions are recommended.

Electroniccigarette fluids should not be ingested, some of the fluids contain apercentage of nicotine, a toxic substance that creates addiction, and ifswallowed or assumed for topical use it can cause malaise, vomiting and nausea.Thepurchase of such liquids is reserved for adults who are aware of thepotentially harmful properties of nicotine. Theuse of this product is not recommended for pregnant women and people sufferingfrom asthma, hypertension, diabetes, heart problems. Ifyou experience any side effects while using base fluid, stop taking yourmedicine immediately and consult a physician. Itis recommended to store the vials out of the reach of children and pets.

10)     Disclaimer- Legal Notes

AllNew Smoke Ltd products for sale and viewing on this site have been made usingonly production methods in line with current regulatory requirements. However,New Smoke Ltd assumes no responsibility for the results obtained by processingthese products. Likewise,New Smoke Ltd assumes no liability for damages of any kind (includingloss-making damages, business interruption, personal injury) to third partiesand / or customers as a result of the use, Evenif authorized, of products sold in any way by New Smoke Ltd. Under nocircumstances will New Smoke Ltd be liable for any damage suffered by users and/ Orby third parties, and therefore New Smoke Ltd can not be held liable for anydirect, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out ofthe use of the information or any manipulation of the sitewww.bigflavormalta.eu carried out by them third. NewSmoke Ltd informs you that you may at any time, in full autonomy and at yourown discretion, substitute, add, modify and / or integrate the product catalog.Exceptas provided by existing regulations, New Smoke Ltd does not recognize anywarranty on its traded products, including implied warranties and commercialquality (listed next to each product), suitability for particular purposes.

11)     Shipments and deliveries:

Free Shipping throughout Malta and Gozo

For 0-3 kg weight orders (DHL/GLS or other courier traceability) from € 4.90 to €15 (depending on the destination of the European country)
Free shipping for orders over 60 euros (with traceability DHL or other courier)

Preparation and delivery time is usually done within 24/48 hours excludingholidays, unless there are any foreseeable increases in the current period.

Yes Please note that service in all other European countries can also bedelivered within 4/5 working days.

12) Jurisdiction and jurisdiction competent for any disputes

Any dispute concerning the application, execution, interpretation and violation of the online purchase agreement concluded through the website is subject to the jurisdiction of Malta, any disputes between the parties concerning the application, execution, interpretation and violation of the This contract will be the exclusive competence of the Forum of Gozo - Malta